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The perfect mix

creativity + logic + passion

Let's achieve great things together.

I am an independent consultantliving in San Diego, CA, but I can help you wherever you are.

I specialize in UX Psychology, Ethical Design, Training and Public speaking. You can learn more in my new site tdagux.com or you can download my capability brochure

you never forget your first love

This is why this site is still up. I occasionally take on graphic design projects (especially print jobs...), so if you think I would be agood fit, let's talk or schedule some time on my calendar
Why should you work with me?
  • I have a lot of experience:I have been in the field for a long time and I worked with many different clients and projects

  • I am small and mighty: I will offer you the same quality of the big guys but also personal attention and care.

  • I am passionate about design, whether online, on paper or in the classroom.

  • I can help you reach your goals on time and on budget, and you will enjoy the whole process.

photo of Julio Frizza, director of education at Platt College JULIO POMPA FRIZZA,
Director of Education at Platt College San Diego

As a teacher & Director of Platt College, I have the pleasure to work with Tiziana closely. She is a dependable, responsible, and an excellent instructor and tutor. She keeps up-to-date regularly. In addition, she is a creative individual, constantly sharing good ideas to improve the school

About me


Ideas Generator and Problem Solver

I am an UX/UI designer, front-end developer and graphic designer.

Let me introduce myself: I am Tiziana (Tee-ts-eeh-ah-nah), and while I am originally from Milano, Italy, I have lived in California for more than half my life. I created Tdag Design in 2002.

I have a strong web knowledge and a passion for it, but my first love is Graphic Design, and I am very well versed and experienced in both. I have been teaching classes on both media for more than 15 years.

I believe in giving it all and building lasting relationships.

How can I help YOU?

I listen to you, the client, to your needs and desires, and I find the perfect solution to your design problems. I pride myself on always being on time and on budget, and I am fun to work with, to boot.

my work desk

hard to pronounce,
worth remembering

photo of Rossella Broglia, Managing Director at iaasd ROSSELLA BROGLIA,
Managing Director, Italian American Academy San Diego

Tiziana is a pleasure to work with. She is very professional and always available. She designed the website of my school with passion and attention to details. Every time I had questions regarding the new configuration she was quick at giving me an answer and/or offered to meet with me to do some training. She's very helpful and easy to work with.

I can help you


I pride myself on excellent customer service and attention to details.

I believe that the best kind of design achieves the client's goals more than simply satisfying the designer's ego.

User Experience
& User Interface

User Experience (UX) is the process of creating a more engaging design, by creating a delightful experience.
I will help you push your site to new heights by providing a better flow and design, one that is a better match for what your users are looking for.
What I can do for YOU: Expert UX Audit • Interaction Design • Prototyping • User testing

circular thumbanail of a UX project

Read more in the case study

+++ Find more samples of my work on my gallery +++

Front-end Web

I design responsive + Accessible websites that work well on any device, and any situation.
Performance and accessibility are always priorities for me, so your site can work well even with a slow bandwidth. The mobile version will always work just as fast as the desktop one, if not faster.
I will choose the perfect tools for your project, whether it is a small static site, a dynamic and animated one or a complex, customized Wordpress theme.

circular thumbanail of a Web Development project

Read more in the case study

+++ Find more samples of my work on my gallery +++

Print &
Graphic Design

You never forget your first love: while I spend much of my time online, for work and fun, I still have a soft spot in my heart for traditional graphic design, print and paper. Print can drive scores of new customers to your business, both online and off line.
I will help you from concept to final product, including print supervision, paper selection and specialty techniques.

circular thumbanail of a print project

Read more in the case study

I can design online and onpress and I am an Adobe Certified Associate for Photoshop.

+++ Find more samples of my work on my gallery +++

photo of Marlee Stevens, designer and TA at Platt College Marlee Stevens,
Designer and TA at Platt College San Diego

I was a student of Tiziana’s and I have also worked with her as a TA in her classroom. I learned so much from her as a student and the experience I gained while working with her as a TA has been invaluable. She is throughly prepared and organized when teaching and is always helpful and knowledgeable when her students need assistance. Tiziana truly cares about each individual in her classroom and it’s easy to see her desire for their success. She has an amazing eye for detail and I highly value her opinion on graphic design.

I love to share


I offer private training, in a variety of subjects, for busy professionals just like you. I can come to your home or office, and I can also teach groups.

I offer personalized learning plans, that match your needs and your schedule, including remote lesson with screen-sharing.

Why should you trust me?
I have been teaching Graphic and Web Design since 2002, and I have been an instructor at Platt College San Diego since 2003. I have been coaching students of all ages, from teens to adults, and I LOVE doing it

Let me help you learn!

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Current and past Classes

I have taught many classes and seminars in both graphic design, image manipulation, web development and user experience, in lower and higher division. I also created full classes curriculums, including the new proposed curriculum for the whole Associate Degree.
  • • User Experience
  • • Responsive Web Design
  • • Advanced Photoshop
  • • Portfolio Development
  • • Digital Publishing
  • • Design Fundamentals
  • • History of Graphic Design
  • • Flash I
  • • Flash II and ActionScript
  • • Intro to Digital Design
I don't want to toot my own horn, but I was awarded Platt Teacher of The Year twice

Contact me


Do you want to know more? Are you intrigued? Contact me: I love to meet new people. If you need a new site, or a consultation, maybe some private lessons, or an incredible hand-made cappuccino, I am here to help.

Let's get a coffee

If you are in the San Diego area, stop by and say CIAO! We can talk about your new project with nice cup of java, or in front of an ice cream, whatever you prefer.