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Graphic Design case study


Volevo Solo che tu Fossi Felice (I only wanted for you to be happy), is the touching story of the love-hate relationship between a daughter and her self-centered mother, and the consequences of this all encompassing experience. The book is written in Italian and it is available both on theItalian andAmericanversion of Amazon


The book is a memoir, written by her daughter, and therefore required a very personal and intimate look. The book included many historical images that needed to fully enhance the narrative.


The first time author had a very limited budget, so I opted for a smaller size format. I chose a very readable typeface and a matte paper to really highlight the images. The cover had a soft touch finish, that felt smooth and velvety. I chose an image of the sea, and important element of the story, and applied gloomy colors-to reflect the overall sad tone of the story-, except behind the word Felice (Happy): a little flash of hope in an overwhelmingly melancholic landscape. The writer was really please with the book design, and she felt it really represented the character and the story itself.


Book Review

The first step was of course to read and understand the story, to immerse into it. I took many notes about the moods and personality of the characters and became really become close to them, as if they were family.

step 1:book review

Page Design

I created different combinations, using different sizes and typefaces. I presented them to the author, who chose her favorites. I then created templates for the pages, to make sure she was pleased with the overall layout.

step 2:page design

Photo Correction

The images were of very poor quality, even though they have been scanned at high resolution. Some of the images were 100 years old, some were snapshots, some were out of focus. I restored the old, damaged photographs, and optimized the remaining images.

step 3:photo correction

Final Layout

It was time to finally move all the content to the pages. I used the approved layout styles and imported the content with images interspersed throughout. Particular attention was dedicated to typography and paragraphs formatting.

step 4:final layout

Print and Delivery

The book was sent to print and listed on Amazon.com and Amazon.it. While the writer was not interested in making a large profit, by having the book in Amazon, she will maximize the sales.

step 5:print and delivery


final result and on sale at Amazon
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